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Read on to learn more about what you can expect from our specialized chiropractic care in Sterling MA.

Our Promise To You

To help you achieve your personal health goals and empower you to perform at your best every day.

Why Do I Have Pain?

It is the primal instinct of our bodies to move, but that does not mean it is healthy movement. Movement never lies, meaning we cannot fake how we do it. Faulty movement patterns exist because of how we live. We are a forward drawn society; everything we do is forward based movement. We were never meant to exist primarily in this plane of movement. Muscles are supposed to act in chains of three-dimensional movement. This means rotational and side to side movements are neglected. The result, poor posture, repetitive stressors to the body and increased likelihood of pain and injury.

What Makes Us Different?

Everything! Our approach is comprehensive, individualized to your needs and it addresses the root of your problem. Most conservative approaches to pain or injury only treat the location of pain. Although you may feel better and are able to move again, do you ever wonder why it keeps coming back? It’s simple; your problem is not where you think it is! We look at the function of the whole body and not just your chief complaint. We release and integrate movement from head to toe, so that your painful area is no longer the victim to faulty movement patterns. It is our goal to not only resolve your pain but to maximize and stabilize your movement, so you perform at your best every day.

Insurances Accepted in Sterling MA:

  • BCBS
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Health Plan
  • Medicare
  • Unicare/GIC

* We also work with motor vehicle accident and Worker's compensation cases.

What To Expect:

You will be asked to complete intake paperwork online prior to your visit. If you do not have internet, do not worry, you can do this at our office. Either way, we kindly ask you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your initial visit. You will have a full evaluation of your complaint(s) and a systematic review of your medical history. The quality of your movement will be evaluated and an analysis of your gait will be performed. At the end of the evaluation, a report of the doctor’s findings will be outlined and most importantly, you will understand how we will address your problem(s). If the evaluation process warrants x-ray or MRI, your doctor will explain this to you. This detailed evaluation process sets the tone for your treatment plan. Finally, your consent will always be obtained before a treatment plan will commence. Now smile, take a deep breath; we are about to have fun while helping your reach your goals!


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